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The NICDiag project provides a Webmin module for running NIC diagnostics via the standard ethtool interface supported by most actively maintained Linux network drivers. While this Webmin module should work on any NIC supporting online/offline ethtool diagnostics, it has been tested on HP ProLiant servers using various NC series network server adapters on HP ProLiant supported distributions.

A few screen captures below show the various NICDiag pages.

NICDiag Main Page NICDiag Setup Page NICDiag Run Page

This project is maintained on SourceForge.

The NIC (NIC Information Collector) script is useful for collecting network related information when diagnosing an issue. Some of the information collected, about 1%, is specific to HP ProLiant servers - if your not running an HP ProLiant server, that HP specific information will not be available. This is not a problem because the other 99% will save many trips between QA groups and customer support engineers requesting more and more network/system related information that was not gathered to begin with.

The nic script is released under the GNU General Public License. See the included LICENSE file or the complete GNU GPL.


The README provides details on installing the NICDiag module via Webmin .wbm file or RPM.


This software is released under the GNU General Public License. See the included LICENSE file or the complete GNU GPL.

Download the latest version of the NICDiag RPM or .wbm file and follow the instructions in the README for installation. The NICDiag module provides extensive online help.


Getting Update Notices

To get an announcement when a new version of NICDiag is released, subscribe to the nicdiag-announce list. When a new version is released, a notice will be posted there shortly afterwards.

Release Information

See the CHANGES file for specific changes in each release.

Getting Help

Getting Help

Any type of support request should be opened only after browsing the list. When browsing support requests, be sure to set the "Status:" field to "Any" so all support requests are displayed.

Please search this list for an answer to your question. Don't attempt to send email directly to the maintainers, others do not benefit from your questions or answers in private email.

Reporting Bugs

Before submitting a bug, be sure to browse the submitted bugs to ensure it has not already been reported. Be sure to set the "Status:" field to "Any" so all issues are displayed. If you don't see a similar bug, then submit a new bug with the following information:
  1. Version of the NICDiags and Webmin.
  2. Linux distribution and version.
  3. NIC model, driver name, and driver version.
  4. Results of (where ethX is the interface name):

       ethtool -i ethX
       ethtool -t ethX online
       ethtool -t ethX offline
       ethtool | grep -i version
    If one of the above ethtool commands fail, it is likely a problem with the driver and not NICDiag - contact the driver maintainer to correct the ethtool interface issue.
  5. Describe the sequence of steps that exposed the bug.
  6. Provide the exact error/text displayed, if any, when the bug is exposed.
  7. Any known work-around for this bug.


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